Pastor Amelia Buschena
Co-Pastor at Common Ground : A United Methodist Community.

Pastor’s Perspective : February 2023

by Pastor Amelia Buschena
Published: February 1, 2023
Categorized as: Pastor's Perspective

With February upon us and preparing for Lent at Common Ground, I’ve been reflecting on the rhythms of the church. Following the crescendo of Advent the big climax is, of course, Christmas. We then find ourselves in the awareness of the season of Epiphany, followed shortly thereafter by the reflective Lenten season. You might think that as a pastor I’m often sitting around contemplating these seasons and their transitions, but I promise I’m not! I’m too busy planning them, leading them, and living them to sit and contemplate them. This year however, I find myself (sort of) craving time to sit and reflect. Unexpectedly, my extroverted and outgoing self seems to be desiring more balance from some hidden quiet person within. My normal state is (unsurprisingly) avoiding sitting still or quiet for too long. Lucky for me Lent is all about reflection, slowing, turning inward, and considering!

So I’m sitting at my desk, looking out the window, thinking about the beauty of the rotation from busy Christmas to awe inspiring Epiphany to reflective Lent; it’s as if our bodies, minds, emotions, and lived experiences require cycles and balance, inward and outward. I think this ebbing and flowing is a little gift to us all. The way the world turns from Winter to Spring, so, too, our emotional and spiritual lives can lean into a natural changing that reminds us we are called, not only to love others, but to remember that we are loved.

And I really want us all to remember just how loved we are. I watch as you all faithfully live your lives, both in and through Common Ground programming and in your own spaces and places, in such a way that truly embodies our vision; Everyone Counts. I am privileged to witness this community living to bring about God’s justice, love, and peace here and now. I, in turn, also have the privilege of hearing about your lives and being with you in those hard places that we all experience. You all love others so well, truly! I just feel compelled to remind us all as we enter this Lenten season YOU ARE LOVED; exactly as you are, where you are. YOU ARE ENOUGH; exactly as you are and in all that you do. If, like me, you feel ready for some stillness, for some contemplation, for some remembering, then I invite you to embrace Lent with me; we’ll do it together!

Peace and Love, Pastor Amelia